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5 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. Reblogged this on Postcards from Seletar and commented:
    Melancholic shots of Seletar today by firstcutproduction

    • Hey there Puni! Thanks for the re-blog. There are a couple of questions regarding these pictures that I wanted to ask ever since I took them. These shots were taken at the old houses off the old Brompton Road. Today, it’s situated off a new road called the Seletar Aerospace Drive.

      Was there a name to these old estates?
      What was the period of occupancy?
      Why was it vacated in the first place?

      Hope to get a reply from you or any of the former occupants of these residences. Have a great day ahead.


      • Hi Juffry
        This used to be Seletar Airbase, an RAF site since 1926. Iy was handed over to the Singapore Ministry of Defence in 1971. The houses were occupied until 2008, when JTC took over the site. http://www.postcardsfromseletar.com has a fair bit of the recent history, and through the comments you can see what life in Seletar Airbase was like in the 1960s. Thanks again for posting the pictures.

      • Thank you, Puni, for that valuable insight. I shall look through the page and see what else i can find.

  2. Ah, so poignant, so evocative of times gone by.

    Of being six and playing in the monsoon ditches.

    Of being seven and calling Monsoons ‘Sumatras’.

    Of the firecrackers at New Years or when an old man died and funeral went through Jalan Kiu Village.

    Of Walking across that big archery lawn in Seletar on the way to the swimming pool.

    Of the sea snakes at the base of the Japanese bridge.

    Of the Sunderland hangers and making love to Jane Wotsername who wanted to see my hole.

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